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To navigate such uncertainty learners will need to:

  •     Develop curiosity, imagination, resilience and autonomy  

  •      Respect and appreciate the ideas, perspectives and values of others

  •      Cope with failure and rejection

  •     Move forward in the face of adversity

Education needs to equip learners with agency and a sense of purpose, and the competencies they need, to shape their own lives and contribute to the lives of others. Current mainstream education systems mostly fail to meet these needs and thus call for models of transformation and innovation, which address these challenges. 

Innovative schools have learning spaces that are as diverse as the learners in them. They offer spaces that inspire & motivate learners and promote learning as an activity. These spaces support collaborative as well as formal practice, provide a personalized and inclusive environment, and are flexible in the face of changing needs.

The most innovative schools engage in project-based learning. Projects vary in duration, from one-day engagements to the long-form expeditions. Instruction in innovative schools is described as student-directed or personalized, often using technology to accomplish that goal.

Combining co-working and co-learning, with a prevailing spirit of entrepreneurship & Innovation is still seen as the cutting-edge of innovative learning models. Such learning spaces support learners with a wide assortment of educational resources, while also supporting their parents & community members who are pursuing their own career goals and entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Nautiluz learning & innovation Hub with the
Lumiar education center at its' core, is defined by the surrounding infrastructure on the campus and in the close vicinity.

The idea of the Hub is firstly:
To provide a setup for the learners, in which they can learn on practical experiences in a real life working environment. Which is, specially concerning the project based learning, of great benefit for the learners to stimulate their curiosity and creativity. And consequently, enhances the learning capacities compared to theoretical learning!
To provide work and office spaces for the highly creative community to experiment, prototype and produce. And through this enable young and old entrepreneurs to have an easy to access infrastructure which can help them to launch their startups and ideas.

Mission Statment & Core Values


Meet The Team


Christin Lidzba


Malu Landaberea

Chloe Rutherford



Carolita Lamas



Andrea Bognar

Educator / Tutor


Sonia Carvalho



Wendy Coleman

Educator & Finance



Paula Oliveira

Admin Fairy &

Family Ambassador


Stefanie Payr



Andre Machado

Intern Majoring in Environmental Sciences

We found the perfect spot!

Just after the beginning of the west Algarvenian hills, our Learning & Innovation Hub is perfectly nestled in the center of the triangle, Lagos, Aljezur and Villa do Bispo. Only 2 minuts from the end of the A22 highway exit in Bensafrim.

Just down a short track from the asphalt, you will find 3 hills and 3 valleys mainly covered in long untouched forest of Cork Oak, Medronho, Eucalyptus and Acacia. Here we are co-creating a little-big paradise of future society and learning with our Nautiluz Hub Community. Our declared aim on this long abandoned peace of nature is, to regenerate the health of fauna and flora, and to integrate our Hub facilities in the most sustainable way possible. 

Nautiluz learning & innovation Hub

Bensafrim, 8600-069 Lagos   |   From A22 roundabout 1km direction Aljezur... turn left!

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