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As an educator, how would it feel
in your schooling life if...

you were working in a team of educators with the common goal of providing a place for children to thrive and grow into conscious human beings, with knowledgeable minds and that care for the planet and humanity.

you were working with a pedagogy that is built to support the individual child’s own development and autonomy?


you had a learning environment where the children have the ability to have independence as well as work together in the spirit of community? 


you had time in nature with the children for playing and learning about our planet through hands-on experience?

you had small groups of students with the support of master's providing knowledge in their area of profession?


you had time to get to know each student and provide support for each child, with the intention of building sense of deep belonging, significance and autonomy? 


you had space to allow the learning to happen through projects, based on the choice of the students and the curriculum?

We welcome you to the way education really CAN be, here at Nautiluz. We are excited to meet with you and to find out about your family and the vision you have for your child/children. We understand that each family unit is unique and taking the time to get to know you helps us all find out how our education hub can support your learning needs and wants.  

Let's connect!

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