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Application Process

Nautiluz is for families that are ready to be part of a learning collective actively transitioning from the current mainstream education practices, to the emerging methodology of Project Based Learning. This is a pedagogy that is rooted in supporting their children to learn in a way that both honours and appreciates their unique perspectives and gifts. In turn, the whole learning community, kids, parents, educators, the project team and supporters alike, actively practice respect, openness, curiosity, compassion and responsibility towards nature, each other and themselves.


We are a bilingual learning environment (English and Português) and will actively support the kids to learn and interact in both. 

Diversity is key to our learning environment here at Nautiluz. We are committed to being a safe community for all learners, their families, and its cooperative members regardless of race and skin color, national origin and ancestry, religion, disabilities, gender (including gender identity and expression), and sexual orientation.

​If your child has disabilities please get in contact with us about the access we currently have. Please note that we cannot cater for all Children with Disabilities at present. We are working on becoming inclusive for all Children with Disabilities as we move forward. 

This year we will be open for admission for children between the ages 4-9. Our vision remains to provide a learning environment for students up to the age of 14 as we grow each year. 

Steps to Apply

Step 1: Research

We would love for you to get to know us! The easiest way to do this is to have a look through the website and download the Information Pack below these steps. The FAQ's can be found at the top of the menu here as well and you can contact us on the form at the very bottom of the page for any questions that you have unanswered.  You can also like our facebook page here and join our facebook group here. And lastly, an in-depth source of information can be found when researching Lumiar as our methodology and inspiration for learning. You can see the Lumiar website here.

Step 2: Register Interest

Once you are interested in exploring whether Nautiluz is for your child please fill in our Online Interest form below. Here we ask for your family's basic information so that we are ready with all we need to prepare for our first connection. This kick starts the process of applying to come to Nautiluz. Our Family Admissions Ambassador will get in touch by email to take you to the next steps.

Step 3: Join an Open Day or Meet Online

After getting some more background about your needs as a family, we offer (along the year) a few options for moving forward: We hold regular introductory zoom calls for new families to provide a space to answer your questions and get an overview of our approach. We offer visits to the land when the learning cycles allow for that.

The walk around with your child/children. We do this in small groups of families with your child joining you. It takes about 45 minutes to show you around Nautiluz including time to ask further questions before the end.

For those who are ready to progress in their admission process we offer 1:1 call or in person meeting with our main learning guides, as well as specific (paid) trial days in which your child joins the organic learning group for 1-2 days to help us (and you) assess their fit to the group and project.

If for some reason you cannot attend in person we can talk over the video or phone instead. 

Admissions still open for 2023 learning year

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