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Kids Playing Tug of War

Join as a volunteer or intern

Welcome to the Nautiluz learning & innovation Hub,​

As our project is based on social cohesion, and we want to offer our services to people of all social levels, our aim is to manage the workload of running a an educational institution, entertaining a social hub and developing and maintaining our beautiful 16ha nature campus with as little monetary input as possible!

That's where YOU come into the game!

You can be part of a truly ground breaking project. 

Acquire  skills in a multitude of subjects, like education, natural building, high tech application, permaculture etc. from highly motivated masters and other supporters and enjoy all that in a stunning natural environment!


Actual tasks:


-clearing the virgin land to make first foot passes and create spaces for         different projects.

-building water storage, DIY wind powered water pumps, and the water   distribution network

-set up electric network and build wind turbines

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