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For Parents


What would it be like to know that your child is going to a school where...

  • Their unique spirit is honoured and celebrated

  • Their mental and physical health are top priority in the school day

  • Your input and gifts as a parent are welcomed and utilized

  • Tutor’s facilitate your childs’ natural learning process through self directed, project based learning, that’s guided by their own passions, whilst building their path to whatever career they choose

  • Learning is centered around real life challenges and solutions, allowing your child to retain what they learn easily, making the most of the time your child is learning and leaving lots of time for fun and connection

  • Nature is an integral part of the their day and learning experiences 

  • You are welcomed to participate in your child’s learning and part of the community that thrives around the education of your child

We welcome you to the way education really can be, here at Nautiluz. We are excited to meet with you and to find out about your family and the vision you have for your child/children. We understand that each family unit is unique and taking the time to get to know you helps us all find out how our education hub can support your learning needs and wants.  

We'd love to connect!

​Fill in the form below with your questions and thoughts, letting us know how you would like to be contacted to begin the conversation.

We welcome you to connect with our wider community in our Nautiluz Facebook Group too. Click here to join.

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